Our society is continually influenced by art and artists.  Art enriches our lives in innumerable ways–it speaks to our emotions and imaginations.  There are certain things that only an image can convey because it communicates to us at the level of intuition, spirituality and the subconscious.  Governments around the world have finally acknowledged the unique role that only art can play in producing fully-rounded individuals, and as a result, a more fully functioning society.  


In an era when many European governments have either taken steps to eliminate museum and gallery entry fees altogether, or dramatically reduced them in efforts to increase woefully low attendance rates among it citizenry, what could the rationale be for their maintenance?  


The French government recently announced their intent to allow free entry into certain of their state museums and galleries, while entry into those throughout Britain has been free since 2002.  In the U.K. visits since eliminating fees have increased an astounding 83% on average, or an incremental 30 million visits. More surprising is the fact that in some museums, 50% of the incremental visitors are new. This explosion in demand for art may highlight what was a pent-up desire to construct a life of greater fullness, one which is inclusive of art.