We felt art before we intellectualized it. Just as the internet has facilitated heretofore unseen levels of political participation and contribution, the increasing amounts of artwork online is raising the public’s comfort with and confidence and trust in their own artistic gut reactions and taste.  Trust in one’s own evaluative ability is rising alongside a very quiet decline in the experts’ ability to dictate worth and value.  Formerly geographically isolated artistic fiefdoms are falling and being replaced as the internet facilitates new levels of artistic exchange and collaboration.

Those with an interest in art do not need Charles Saatchi or any other art dealer telegraphing taste. It’s no coincidence that just as an increasing number of people are turning toward a spirituality which is personally meaningful and away from traditional organized religious structures, blind faith in the opinions handed down by the arbiters of taste in the art world are gradually being replaced by an overarching supreme, personal aesthetic.