Did you know there really is a Boulevard des Capucines in Paris? And, in the 1800’s, when Monet and Renoir were just burgeoning artists determined to make their art more accessible, they organized the first major Impressionist exhibition on that very Boulevard! At CapucinesBoulevard, we share Monet’s desire.  Thanks for your interest in original artwork! The mission of CapucinesBoulevard is to bring the work of both established and emerging contemporary artists to the attention of the widest possible audience, and to provide a marketplace for that art to be sold and auctioned. Our goal is to make art a more accessible and desired part of everyday life. So you’d like to buy a beautiful piece of art? Perhaps your last visit to a gallery left you feeling cold and not a little bit bullied.  Some contemporary art can be, well, perplexing. Buying art is a visceral experience. There’s a reason that it’s not like buying a car.Your heart either responds to a piece of art, or it does not.  And while you may not need it to drive you to work, your soul yearns for it to experience the undefinable. Take the stress out of purchasing original artwork CapucinesBoulevard offers buyers the opportunity to unearth striking original art in our unique online galleries by artists from around the world. You can:

  • Get inspired by reading artists’ biographies, persoanl statements and exhibition reviews
  • Take a virtual tour of some of the artists’ studios and/or listen to audio interviews for an insider’s view of the aritsts’ inspiration
  • Browse by category, keywords, or region to find work that uplifts and inspires
  • Search our Artists Directory to find an artist from whom you would like to purchase directly
  • Shop the many original artworks located in artists’ individual online galleries
  • Whether you chose to buy a work directly or via auction, we are here to make your buying decision less stressful.  Buying art online is done when you want to do it, it’s completely private, and we carry the Thawte logo, so it’s safe.

2 Responses to “About CapucinesBoulevard.com”

  1. Cappy Price Says:

    Inspired by Monet’s Blvd des Capucines
    (Read More), the new way to take a leisurely stroll through art galleries online. Browse hundreds of pieces of original artwork from talented artists through their art galleries online.

    Gallery quality artwork at a lower cost to you

    With half (or less!) of the commission of a traditional gallery, our artists can give you their best price. You can scope out emerging artist art galleries online before the price of their artwork goes up or find an investment piece done by an established artist to add to your portfolio. Stroll our galleries to find modern artwork for sale.

    Stories about online galleries

    Through our stories about online galleries you’ll be transported into each artist’s personal studio. For example, you’ll hear about how an artist’s near drowning transformed his artistic journey.
    Search for stories about online galleries.
    Check out our Artists’ YouTube Videos!

  2. bibomedia Says:

    Have a nice day !

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